Pre-K Room

​Toddler Room~ 12 months-24 months

Three & Four's Room

Young Two's Room 

Before & After School Care~ School-aged


Kindergarten readiness is so important! Our curriculum is designed to meet the child care and learning need of four and five year old children. This challenging, fun and age-appropriate program engages the child, helping them focus on thinking, reasoning and communicating. Your child will leave this class ready and eager for Kindergarten!!

This is the age when we really strive to create a love for learning. Two-year-olds are developing a sense of indeoendence which fills their ever growing minds with energy and curiosity about the world. We provide a curriculum that focuses on providing fun and challenging activities for your child.

We provide a safe environment where your baby will not only be cared for and loved-but trained teachers will work to stimulate your baby's emotional, cognitive and physical development through exploration, movement and one-on-one nurturing.

Walking really does change everything! Your toddler wants to explore everywhere and get into everything. Our trained teachers take great care to create a perfect toddler territory geared for exercise, exploration and excitement to help shape your toddler's brain, behavior, personality and health.

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Our before and after school program provides a great combination of education and recreation. Your child will be presented with opportunities for fun, socializing and learning. They'll do homework, create projects, get exercise, participate in group activities and more. Plus, our transportation to and from school make it easy for them and you!

By the time your child approaches three years of age, he or she is ready to learn new skills and progress into our Early Preschool child care program. Our curriculum combines Kindergarten readiness activities designed to encourage your child's growing independence and need to investigate.

Two & Three's Room

Preschoolers love to explore through hands-on activities. At this age, all children require challenges, respond to motivation and need praise. Our preschool curriculum is designed to develop important foundational skills like literacy, mathematical thinking and problem solving while stimulating your child's creativity. Our trained teachers will keep your preschooler engaged giving them both instruction and freedom.

Infant Room~ 6 weeks -12 months



We have 2 playgrounds.

Our Toddler & Two's Playground is located out the west side of our building, with access out our Toddler room, Commons area, and through the Preschool Playground.

Our 3's, 4's, Pre-K & Schoolers Playground is located on the South side of our building with access through the 3 & 4's, Pre-K & Schoolers Classroom doors.

*All doors with access outside are locked at all times.