Willow Woods Learning Center has a beautiful Children's Garden located just west of our toddler playground. We currently have a Peach tree, an herb raised garden bed, 3 fruit and vegetable raised garden beds, a pumpkin patch, 3 berry patches and a gourd teepee!  

We have had 4 very successful years with our garden so far! We eat everything that we grow. Children love going to our garden and taste testing herbs and veggies. Most of our food grown is prepared by the children themselves which creates wonderful learning experiences! We are excited to continue to grow and learn through our garden!

From Spring into Fall, each preschool class has a designated day as to which their class is responsible for garden maintenance. This includes, planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting. The children learn science through the biology of plant life cycles which will promote understanding of Earth and our environment. The children also learn math by being able to count how many fruit and vegetables each plant produces along with recognizes their different sizes, shapes, and colors. Children learn culinary skills and nutritional values through eating the fruits and vegetables they have grown. Children learn literacy by being able to describe the different colors and textures of the fruits and vegetables. And last but not least Art is incorporated by the children being able to help paint garden stones, create works of art by using pieces of the plants..etc.

Willow Woods Children's Garden

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